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Sindiwe Magona
Sindiwe Magona
Sindiwe Magona
For nearly thirty years, Sindiwe Magona has been authoring the lives of South Africans from a broad range of ethic and economic backgrounds. Her probing  and poignant stories, poems articles, and plays examine the ever- thorny challenges within the apartheid and post apartheid worlds.

Her first published works, To My Children's Children and Forced to Grow, coming on the cusp of the new
democracy, provide further evidence to the local and  global community of the influence of prejudice but not
its victory.
With a particularly acute perspective of woman's issues in strife-ridden South Africa, Magona's expansive genre of literary works reveal the anguish of the domestic worker who daily beats back the wolf of poverty from her door as found in the award-winning short story collection Living, Loving and Lying Awake At Night; the mother attempting to bridge the seemingly insurmountable cultural and linguistic chasm to explain why her son killed an innocent woman in Mother to Mother; the professional woman who battles against the scourge of AIDS brutally seeking access to her bed in Beauty's Gift; or the young Xhosa girl blossomming under the loving gaze of her dedicated father in her latest novel Chasing the Tails of My Father's Cattle. Mogona's creativity seems to know no bounds as she composes across multiple mediums. Her poetry collection Please, Take Photographs allows the reader to ruminate on tantalizing bites of prose.
Similarly, her plays tackle cutting edge social and political issues, such as the concern for the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis found in her first published play I Promised Myself a Fabulous Middle Age is a rollicking romp illustrating through her ever-present humour and vivacity the collywobbles of her life. Following the literary success of Mother to Mother, Magona partnered with the supremely talented actress Tembi Mtshali and equally talented director, Janice Honeyman to craft the novel into an internationally acclaimed drama which continues to stir audiences from around the world.

Even with all of these multiple offerings, Magona has invested boundless effort in writing exceptional children's stories for both the school and public market. The Best Meal Ever is a beautifully illustrated tale taken from her autobiography Forced to Grow about a young mother sustaining her children with dreams of a steaming pot of stew. She has also written literally hundreds of insightful and fun talks that have been incorporated into primary children's readers.

Given her vast oevre, Magona and her works deserve the attention of an ever-increasing audience. Hers is a voice that lights a candle in the darkness to show the way for others to see through the eyes of a mired history into a future filled with hope and promise. She is an opportunity not to be missed.

This celebration of her work is long overdue. Halala! Nomabali!

Professor Dianne Shober

Honorary Doctorate - Hanwick College, USA - Humane Letters
Fellowship - New York Foundation for the Arts - Non-fiction Category
Xhosa Heroes - Western Cape, SA - Xhosa Forum
uNdimande - South Africa - Bhala Writers Short Story Competition
African Odyssey - The Kennedy Center
Bronx Recognizes Its Own - Bronx, New Vork, USA - Fiction
Women's History Award - USA - For Sustaining the American Spirit
Proclamation - New York, USA - New York State, for her artistic work on the issues of HIV/AIDS (2003)
Socio Onarario - International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature - "Protection of Nature. Way of Peace"
South African Literacy Award - Department of Arts and Culture - Literacy Lifetime Achievement Award
Molteno Medal Gold - Cape Tercentenary Foundation - Lifetime Achievement in Preservation and Promotion of the Xhosa language and Culture
Premio Grinzalo Terra d'Ontraro - Italy - In recognition of your writing which promotes dialogue between people
The White Ribbon - SA - For Making a Difference
The Order of lkhamanga - The Precidency, South Africa -
For her outstanding achievement in literature and playwriting and for using her pen as a weapon in the struggle for freedom, peace and social change
Mbokodo Award - Johannesburg, SA - Creative Writing
The Flora Nwapa Award - Johannesburg, SA - For Literary Work That Trancends Culture, Boundary and Perception
REDISA - Cape Town, SA - Recognition Award
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